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UNSWORTH, CATHI - Johnny Remember Me

The Tapeworm

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Cassette-only release. Edition of 250 copies. Two readings of the short story Johnny Remember Me by its author Cathi Unsworth and by Pete Woodhead (O Yuki Conjugate/The Sons Of Silence). Cathi Unsworth is a writer and editor who lives and works in London. She is the author of three pop-cultural crime novels, Bad Penny Blues, The Singer and The Not Knowing, and the editor of the short story collection London Noir, all published by Serpents Tail. Cathi has written on music, film, art, fashion and culture for Sounds, Bizarre, BFI Flipside, Mojo and Uncut, amongst many others. Her collaborator on this release is Pete Woodhead, an electronic composer who cut his musical teeth as part of O Yuki Conjugate and The Sons Of Silence and is now best known for his soundtrack contribution to the hit British zombie movie Shaun Of The Dead. \r\nHe stood at the back of the room, in a smartly cut pale blue suit, so cleanly shaven his skin still had a rosy glow from the razors kiss, thick brown hair set into a shiny pompadour that looked as though it had been set in plastic. His bulbous dark blue eyes darted around the cellar, and he pulled on a cigarette fretfully. For a second it seemed that he was too nervous to come across the floor, but then his eyes became still as they settled on what he was searching for. With a sudden sense of purpose, he walked towards Johnny. And that was when all the trouble started." - The Tapeworm.

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