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Emotional Response

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"The remarkable nine track debut from Useless Users is a lesson in style and eloquence. The band is comprised of former Sarah Records alumni, (members of Action Painting! and Secret Shine, and featuring Even As We Speak). This is sonically adventurous pop music, packed with melody, dreamscape swashes and élan. Bold and opulent, and brilliantly constructed, Useless Users are pushing the boundaries of preconception, poised to grasp attention and reward the listener. RIYL: The Associates, Bowie, dreampop." "Reminiscent of Pulp's Fire Records Years, in both chord choice and vocal delivery" --The Quietus. "...the odd twist or two along the way." --Whispering and Hollering "...a real gem, a moody piece with debts owed to late Sixties psych" --A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed." - Emotional Response.
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