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V/A - Atlantic Mavericks: A Decade Of Experimental Music In Portugal 1982-1993

Glossy Mistakes

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"Glossy Mistakes presents Atlantic Mavericks: A Decade of Experimental Music in Portugal 1982-1993, a groundbreaking double LP compilation that offers a unique glimpse into the vibrant landscape of Portuguese experimental music. This monumental release showcases the evolution and innovation of the Portuguese music scene during a transformative decade marked by political upheaval and artistic experimentation. Compiled by Glossy Mario and featuring liner notes by Rui Miguel AbreuAtlantic Mavericks captures the essence of a generation of artists who dared to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of what was possible in music. The compilation stands as a testament to the eclecticism of the Portuguese music scene during this period, featuring a diverse range of genres and styles. From ambient and new age to electro, rock, and synth-pop, Atlantic Mavericks offers something for every listener, inviting them to explore the rich tapestry of sounds that defined the era. The 1980s in Portugal were a time of profound transformation, marked by the aftermath of a peaceful revolution and a burgeoning desire for artistic expression. As the country emerged from political turbulence, a new generation of musicians began to explore uncharted territories, paving the way for a wave of experimentation and innovation. From the emergence of artists like Rui Veloso and bands like UHF, who ushered in a new era of Portuguese rock, to the founding of independent record labels like Fundação Atlântica and Ama Romanta, the 1980s saw a surge in creativity and a desire for independence within the music industry. Each song on this album tells a story of artistic evolution and creative risk-taking, reflecting the diverse influences and eclectic tastes of the Portuguese music scene during this transformative decade. Spanning from 1982 to 1993, the compilation includes contributions from a wide range of artists, including SPQRCroix SainteLinha GeralBalladiumBanSanta MariaGasolina Em Teu Ventre!Fé de Sábio,Nuno RebeloVítor RúaTó NetoLuis CiliaPilarCarlos María TrindadeBalladiumPop Dell'Arte, and Telectu. With each track carefully curated to showcase the breadth and depth of Portuguese experimental music, Atlantic Mavericks promises to be a must-have for music enthusiasts and adventurous listeners alike." - Glossy Mistakes.

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