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V/A - Cottage Industrial Volume 3


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Third instalment of our eclectic compilation series,fully sucked to capacity at 79:59, though theresonly" 17 tracks this time. You get two tracks fromnorwegian duo RYFYLKE (Humbug releases an LP with themsometime in 2005!), bristling with heavy frequencies.A sample of up-close "selbstverprügelung" and subtlebarnyard heckling from unidentified mental patientsRAIONBASHI. Crude electronics from WAWA. A glacial andfeverish meditation for metals, springs, radio andwire hangers by ORANGE, MANIFOLD. SINISTRI aresculptors of molten pulses and charged convulsions,look out for their album on the Häpna label in thespring. Theres two tracks from PH-جø¬-? - a short blasttaken from "This is Handiwork" CD + a live track fromRhiz in Wien where the boys are fronted by one DidiBruckmayr in best maniacal form. Also from Italy(along with Sinistri) are OvO, hot on the heels oftheir fully cracked jamz of the live tape on Imvated.This trackss for guitar and whistles, Stefania andBruno captured here in full stereo sound. WOODEN WAND& SATYA SAI BABA exhales and hits a strident rockchord, trances out, lays it bare. "Wet Margarete" byEXCEPTER is a keening call to hush things down, beforethe gorgeous slow movements of LUNTs "You Keep MeUnafraid", a daydreaming haze of crystalline guitarloops. MASKINANLEGG tests your stereo output, whileMOTHs "Ohne Titel" (the final Moth recording), drawsto a fried conclusion with subliminal hum and skeletalbuzzes. ANDERS HANAs piece is quiet and poised,barely pinches the skin. VIOLETS ROCK N ROLL suggestsin the crudest of terms you better get the hell out ofhere, and finally IDEA FIRE COMPANY offers a salute tothe weary listener with the epic 11-minute"Heroes".Comes in a heavy full colour cardboardpackaging, stupefying "pensjonist" themed artwork, aninsert and a sticker. Limited to something." - Humbug.

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