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V/A - Lasting

Swill Radio

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A friend of mine who is in the business tells me that the stock of chrome\r\ncassettes should start to run out around the middle of this year as no one\r\nis producing them anymore. This is distressing in that not only will it\r\nlead to the sad demise of Pineapple Tapes, but also because I do all of my\r\nmusic with a stereo field cassette field recorder and a 4 track cassette\r\nmachine. I feel like Ive finally become really good at putting together\r\nmusic this way and now it will be obsolete. Just like me! Putting that\r\naside, I thought it would be great for Pineapple Tapes to go out with a\r\nbang and what better bang than an international compilation 90? So, I\r\ninvited some of my friends and associates and Lasting has emerged. I must\r\nsay that everyone sent excellent tracks and I did my best in sequencing the\r\nmaterial, keeping in mind the great From Brussels With Love tape. The\r\nartists are listed below. Salud Lasting!\r\nFoust!, Karla Borecky, Graham Lambkin, Emeralds, BRRR, Dead Girls Party, Tim Goss, Frans de Waard, Asmus Tietchens, Ian Middleton, Vikki Jackman, Weyes Bluhd, Matt Krefting, The Collection Of The Late Howell Bend, Andrew Chalk, Idea Fire Company. -Swill Radio\r\n

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