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V/A - Little Band EP


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In late 1979/early 1980, the Champion Hotel in Melbourne held weekly Little Band nights, where 10 small, barely rehearsed groups would take the stage one at a time and play for ten or fifteen minutes each. Bands with names like Thrush And The Cunts, The Oroton Bags and the Soporifics all took their turn to shine briefly, and than as quickly disappear. Mostly, synthesized art-punk was the order of the day, although anything was fair game. In early 1980 a four band seven inch was released which came to be known as the Little Band EP. Morpions, Too Fat To Fit Through The Door, Ronnie And The Rhythm Boys and The Take each contribute a track. The Take included Frank Lovence from the Primitive Calculators. - David Nichols; Cant Stop It liner notes. Primitive Calculators and friends in different configurations (and using all the Calculators equipment) playing gnarly electronic/experimental no wave. Original 1979 release.

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