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V/A - Messthetics #108: South Coast D.I.Y. 77-81


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D.I.Y. and (very) indie postpunk from the South Coast 1977-81 (vol. 1: Bournemouth-to-Brighton). Throughout the age of Punk and postpunk the English music press, the major labels, and the established indies ignored the South Coast with surprising thoroughness. Their neglect blurred lines between potential chart acts, Rough Trade prospects, and deliberate D.I.Y., so that the South Coast scenes (while still insular) remained highly varied, while D.I.Y. became less a choice than a necessity. Except for the Mods, hardly anyone put out records on their own, so instead the best documents of South Coast postpunk were a handful of excellent local compilations and a raft of barely-circulated tapes -- that account for a majority of the tracks here. Messthetics purists may note with alarm that almost every band on #108 had a proper drum-kit (sacrilege!) and also performed regularly in public. Still, there are Messthetics sounds of all species on #108 -- and its our most generous selection yet! 24 songs on the CD plus 10 bonus MP3s and a video: 110 minutes of music; 28-page booklet, extensively documented with histories, photos and artifacts. -Messthetics

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