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V/A - Modern Duets

Goaty Tapes

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"In an effort to transcend the stale tradition of location- and genre-based compilations, here is a Flexi Disc collection of one-minute instrumentals inspired by famous Modern sculptural busts. The pairings here are hilariously appropriate:
Control Unit (Italy) blast open Jean-Pierre Dantans bust Victor Hugo. Hugo being, of course, the great Romantic noise band of the 1830s notable for works of industrial disaffection.
Sea Urchin (Germany) evoke Amadeo Modiglianis Primitivist La Saggezza with a wobbly dub-inflected burner. Modigliani, an important champion of early Dancehall.
Half High (Australia) project dark ambient Surrealism on Elie Nadelmans Head With Bowler Hat.
Soviet Pop (China) play minimal electronics against a sharp, plaster study by Constantin Brancusi.
Primitive Motion (Australia) yoke Jean Arps Bird Mancaricature with a playful Casio doodle.
The Disc is bound into a booklet with reproductions of said sculptures. Includes a DOWNLOAD code.
NOTE: This compilation comes in three binding colors: blue, white, and black." - Goaty Tapes.
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