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V/A - Never See You Again (Augsburg 1982-85)


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Early 80s "minimal synth/post punk/psychotic beat" from three bands featuring Joachim Stender of P.D. and LAventure Imaginaire. "SCHATTEN UNTER EIS: The first band to show the sleepy town of Augsburg what new music really meant. From early casio experiments to Some Bizzare style synth pop the featured tracks give an impression of the great development this band went through during their short time of existance. WAHNVORSTELLUNG: Following the motto "2 punks are 3 bands" Schatten unter Eis was just one of several projects around the same core of musicians. The legendary K.d.E. are still undocumented but heres a legendary cut of Wahnvorstellung almost being thrown off stage by a dumb rock audience. FLOW MY TEARS THE POLICEMAN SAID: Totally unique garage rock in a Beauty Contest / Painless Dirties vein. Joachim Stender mutated into a madman during their rare live appearances. A proposed album for Alfred Hilsbergs Whats So Funny About label never happened but they left a brilliant cassette recorded in a practice room with two dummy head microphones." - Unwucht. Edition of 110 copies.

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