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V/A - Noise Room


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The NOISE ROOM CD documents the NOISE ROOM, an autonomous surround sound space built for pre-recorded musical works and sonic experiments. Each musical work which is performed in the NOISE ROOM has been selected, edited and arranged for a listening situation in which the listeners can dedicate themselves to a maximum listening experience. The pieces presented in the NOISE ROOM refer specifically to the concept of a so-called speaker concert in contrast to a so-called live concert. Each composition is played back through a multi-channel 5.1 speaker setup that is configured according to the spatial acoustics of the NOISE ROOM. The CD version offfers a selection of shortened stereo edits. NOISE ROOM 1 was built and set up at STEIM, Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts in Amsterdam in 2005, Version 2 was located at the Melkweg concert space in Amsterdam in 2006. Version 3 will be installed in the Cubitt Gallery in London in september 2008. The NOISE ROOM was initiated and designed by Jan St. Werner, former artistic director of STEIM and member of Mouse on Mars. -Sonig

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