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V/A - Porcelain Summer

I Dischi Del Barone

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Edition of 200. Stamped white labels, postcard attached to the cover, insert. Mastered by Viktor Ottosson. 33rpm.
"I Dischi Del Barone celebrates 5 years as a label with a beautifully crammed 33rpm audio postcard. Inspired by 90's 7" compilations like I Hear The Devil Calling Me, the Bananafish comps and perhaps at least spiritually a pink sleeve Bllleeeeaaauauurrrrgghhh! or two, Porcelain Summer features 12 tracks with artists from all over the place both geographically and sonically. Since IDDB is always doing everything backwards the entire line-up consists of acts the label has not worked with previously, though some paths may have been crossed in other incarnations in the past. Shimmering lo-fi glory through falling down the stairs pop, free noise skronk, treble-down maxed out folky bliss, electronic bedroom mayhem and more so. Pumice (NZ), Johnny R. Spykes (US), Brannten Schnüre (Germany), JJulius (Sweden), Vital Idles (UK), Karla Borecky (US), Red Brut (Netherlands), Amateur Hour (Sweden), The Futurians (NZ), Greymouth (NZ/Japan), Jon Collin (Sweden/US), The Ivytree (US)."

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