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V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Eleven/Kitchen Clatter (Family Underground and Dead Machines)

American Tapes

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There is a whole nasty grip of bands that would rule to be in: early Allman Bros., early Nerve Noise Net, Kanssan Uutiset , The Singing Alvias, Victims" Period Cimex, others. Add the amazing Denmark underground thick drone mystery troupe Family Underground to that long list. You wanna be in the band? Just jamm happily along to the audio of choice and sail away-¢?¬¶thats exactly what The Dead Machines did to the FU (re: not FUs) totally rad -¢??Candle Fingers-¢?¬ù cd. Here are the results-¢?¬¶..a complete electronic dense world of scrape, buzz, and hum. Hopefully we will all jamm live together someday, somewhere, somehow-¢?¬¶-¢?¬¶ Electronics for the setting of all suns underwater. -¢?¬¶-¢?¬¶.Full color art in new mega color assault cardboard sleeve style." -American Tapes

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