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V/A - Strangled Pairs Vol. Ten/Spyked Stelzer (Howie S. and Spyked Coorz)

American Tapes

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This one was long time coming-¢?¬¶was funna be collab lp but the Troniks Howie lp was unsurpassable audio A++. So heres a long more relaxed effort betwinst the Boston Neu Wave sound scrambler smoker and the no-solution empty set style with Spykes. Super worked thru brain forestry via tapes and lo-tech electronics. Howie edits cookbooks so maybe a recipe would be a better descriptor:1) One cup lowercase HS tape supply2) Bake at 400 degrees, then instantly bury in the backyard after a rainstorm in night3) Soak in chili powder, dig up tape, play on a cat litter tape head urine box tape and record4) Play for 60 min on slow mo5) Bake for another 4 hours with a garnish of metal shavings from shredded Microbrewer IPA cans6) Serve with a silent frozen solid dinner guest, at 5:30 AMWell, there you go-¢?¬¶-¢?¬¶.Full color art in new mega color assault cardboard sleeve style. -American Tapes

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