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V/A - The Mentalist

American Tapes

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Tovah DDay, Spykes, Graveyards, Communication Palace, Shared Menace c60 Part two in the style of the -¢??Soundtrack-¢?¬ù week sound world documentation style. Various home terror, the Graveyards track is from fall gig at the MOCAD in Detroit and is ultra cubist non-subjective quarter speed boxed in slow burning mayhem. New tracks by C. Palace and strange mystery squad Shared Menace. Tons more in this style still comin-¢?¬¶-¢?¬¶lots of small ghost towns to inhabit within this c60 wordless audio map. Dedicated to the Tovahnatorz new fav TV show . Packaged in a new mega color slip case style with full color inzane art. -American Tapes

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