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V/A - We Couldnt Agree On A Title


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Released a year before No Platform For Heels on Colin Potters ICR label, this compilation album is a considerably more diffuse collection than its successor. While its unlikely to please all the people all the time, there is at least something here for everyone, whether its the ambient minimalism of Robert Lawrence and Philip Johnson (of Doof, who are included on I Hate the Pop Group), the galloping bedroom-electronica of Those Little Aliens and Mr Potter himself, the classic 80s jangle-pop of The Walking Floors or the Captain-Beefheart-in-a-West-London-squat craziness of The 012. This record also includes one of my personal favourites, the dark masterpiece 9am by The Victims Of Romance with its brooding instrumentation and Jo Jordans tortured, Patti Smith-esque vocal. - Waterden.

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