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V/A - Sowas Von Egal 2: German Synth Wave Underground 1981-1984

Bureau B

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"Two years have passed since Bureau B released the first Sowas Von Egal compilation (BB 310CD/LP, 2018). With the musical movement or genre known as NDW celebrating its 40th anniversary, what better time than now to launch an ambitious successor to the first sampler. The beating heart of this endeavor is once again invigorated by the synchronous passions of bespoke Hamburg label Bureau B and the label's Damaged Goods nights where they present rare, obscure synth and wave discs from the early 1980s. It was clear from the outset that Sowas Von Egal 2 would need to scale similar heights of excellence as its predecessor, featuring carefully selected, sought-after, danceable tunes. Bureau B began by compiling a pool of potential tracks, a creative process of lively discussion in the spirit of "open-mindedness" which culminated in a list of priority targets. After research and rich encounters with input from musicians, friends, and acquaintances, Bureau B revised their target list several times over -- some artists simply could not be found, a few had actually passed away. There were also some who were determined not to revisit their own musical history and asked the label to leave out their songs. Some tracks are so rare that they do not even appear on YouTube. Bureau B have picked up the rights to release them. In contrast to the first volume, most of the acts on Sowas Von Egal 2 were only active in the early 1980s and have not released any records since then. The tape artists were particularly invested in the DIY ethic -- as is often apparent in their sound aesthetics and the unbridled energy which has lost none of its intensity today. Their art was seldom -- if ever -- tempered by commercial considerations or sales strategies. The photograph on the cover beautifully captures the paradoxical tensions which pervaded the atmosphere of the early Eighties: new beginnings, renewal, protest and self-empowerment on one side, frustration, hedonism, future anxiety, and destructive rage on the other. The DIY spirit ingrained in the music and attitude of the bands and artists gathered here is also brought into focus, whilst simultaneously establishing a connection to Hamburg. Mastering by Tom Morgenstern. Artwork by Biljana Tomic. Features Die Neue Weltmacht, Christian Kneisel, Silberstreif, Lieferschein, 4712, Plastiktanz, Rolf Jungklaus, Vono, Kleenex Aktiv, Conrad + Gregor Schnitzler, Partner Eins, Mark Montan, "In" Seit, Mittageisen, Die Synthetische Republik, and Casino Mariteam." - Bureau B .
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