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V/A - Variations 3: A London Compilation

Paradigm Discs

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"1998 release. A third and final collection of lesser-known and infrequently recorded artists living in London. Features: Syngen Brown (all the music is made using second generation sound sources as well as his own environmental recordings), Wits (first release by four women who specialize in live work. Along with their use of conventional instruments -- voice, electronics, keyboards and percussion -- and a dancer, they also fill the stage space with a huge supply of everyday objects that are noisily explored and unravelled as an integral part of their audio-visual performances), Phil Durrant (this piece was composed for a dance group and uses analog electronics), Voltage (this is an edited version of a performance given at "The Klinker," one of London's oldest clubs for experimental music, film and poetry), Clive Graham (this recording is made from a variety of old half-inch and quarter-inch tapes), Andrew King (previously released a CD of songs called The Bitter Harvest, that dwelt on the darker and less joyous stories within the folk tradition. This piece is from an American source and dates from the late 19th century), Aquiles Pantaleåo (a Brazilian composer and former electroacoustic music PhD candidate at City University), Bob Cobbing (3 pieces from this senior member of the poetry and sound poetry scene, the earliest of these pieces dates from 1964), Hastings Of Malawi (this extract was taken direct from the record that came out in 1980. All members of this group were involved one way or another in the very earliest Nurse With Wound records)." - Paradigm Discs .
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