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VAINIO, MIKA - Lydspor One & Two (Blue TB7 Series)

Moog Recordings Library

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Mika Vainio visited the Moog Sound-Lab in April 2015. He made one his last known solo studio recordings in the form of two vinyl-sized, side-long pieces entitled Lydspor, Danish for soundtrack". Mika worked almost exclusively with the labs Moog Modular System 55. This UK sound-lab instrument is the sole prototype model (containing several golden filters) of Moogs sold-out reverse-engineered edition (only 55 units) recreating the 1970s classic. On completion of his sessions Mika announced: "I could work with this machine for the rest of my life... I would need nothing else." A second Moog session was planned but tragically Mika died in an accident in April 2017, shortly after he had approved the vinyl mastering.

Moog Recordings Library is new record label established specifically to release limited editions of recorded works, sessions, concerts, and audio experiments utilizing The Moog Sound Lab UK (Est. 2015). Moog Recordings Library announces its launch with three separate releases, from The Grid (RDM 102CD/LP), Mika Vainio, and Hieroglyphic Being (RDM 121CD/LP). Each of the three releases is an album length session recorded with The Moog Sound Lab UK, an open loan studio from Moog Music Inc (USA) designed to encourage the making of new electronic works and to welcome UK based artistic and public access with the aim to broaden experimentation and practical hands-on knowledge with high spec analogue and digital electronic instruments. The portable studio was specially designed by Moog Inc and is centered around one of their rarest instruments, the 2014 limited edition reissue of their legendary 1960s System 55 analog synthesizer system -- the Stradivarius of modular synths. Originally established in 2015 to mark the 10th anniversary of Dr Robert Moogs passing, the Moog Sound Lab UK was first seen publicly at the Barbican Arts Centres three-day "Moog Concordance Vol 1" event -- a celebration of Bob Moogs contribution to contemporary music." - Moog Recordings Library.
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