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VERMETTE, BIL - Katha Visions


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"A reissue of BIL VERMETTE's phenomenal private press LP, Katha Visions, from 1984. Fans of all things SYNTH absolutely must hear this LP. Bil is a synthesizer aficionado and it shows. _Ç The first track on the dark side is Mountain Funeral, an aptly titled ambient synth dirge if there ever was one. The title track ventures into territory that was likely influenced by Terry Riley and could've easily been an influence on Bitchin Bajas. Its a repetitive, layered, and soothingly long centerpiece to the album. Long Trail Down closes out the A-side with effects that sound like seagulls floating over the top of the layered synth chord drones and melodies. Its an easy track to get lost in, but then again, so is this whole record. The light side (aka Side B) begins with Morning Dance an upbeat number featuring the first appearance of synthetic rhythms. Up to this point, Katha Visions has been completely instrumental, but Someday Soon features the only appearance by guest vocalist DAN COOPER. Coopers voice is melancholic and robotic, which fits in with the rest of the track perfectly. Staircase sounds like a long-lost John Carpenter horror flick theme while the albums closer Opposites Attract is the curveball track on Katha Visions. It includes the first and only appearance by BRUCE WALTERS, an old high school chum of Vermettes. Bruce disrupts the synth-clusiveness of the record with some soaring guitar lines that have us wondering what else he was up to around this time. We could also see Moon Duo doing a pretty bitchin cover of this one. Edition of 300 copies." - Permanent.

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