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VIDA/KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN, BEN - Aggregatepulseripper (Damaged IIII)


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"Amish is pleased to announce the third iteration in its Required Wreckers Series, a split LP featuring new and exclusive work from Ben Vida and Keith Fullerton Whitman. Having collaborated over the last decade as a trio with Greg Davis, this release features new solo-work by two of Americas most important emerging sound artists. The first side of this release debuts a new composition from Ben Vida. In keeping with his recent patchwork-based compositions, Aggregatepulseripper (Damaged IIII) continues to explore Vidas interest in both digital and analog control sources, a compositional process that refuses to fetishize one technology over another and, more interestingly, appears to displace the musicians hand from the compositional process. The flipside of this LP features Keith Fullerton Whitmans third in a series of splits (previous releases have included No Fun Productions b/w Carlos Giffoni and Amethyst Sunsets b/w with Mike Shiflet) documenting a particularly productive period in his creative output--a series of synth concerts from 2007 and 2008. Recorded on January 14, 2008 at PAs Lounge in Somerville, MA, this piece documents the fourth in Whitmans solo synthesizer sets. Throughout the recording one can discern talking from the audience and ambient room--tone noise, as well as sound coming from different sources spread throughout the room--a small battery powered speaker on stage right, a giant Barbetta on stage left. Each speaker was fed into a different patch irrespective of its frequency response. Whitman uses a hybrid system of digital and analog sound sources that, with the exception of a single 4096 bd delay, is presented here without treatment, overdub, or sequencing of any sort". -Amish

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