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VILLAGE OF SPACES - Alchemy and Trust

Turned Word

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"Having changed their name from Uke of Phillips, to Uke of Spaces Corners, this time around, on their fourth full length album, we see another moniker shift, to Village of Spaces. Collaborating with Michael Hurley, Big Blood, Ancestral Diet and Caethua, Alchemy and Trust might be this crews most potent release to date if not their most deliberate and un-compromising. Recordings made over the last three years make up this 34 minute LP, which was recorded at The Pool Recording Studios in Portland, Oregon, Big Bloods Tank 26 studios in So. Portland, Maine, and by Nemo Bidstrup at the bands home in MidCoast, Maine. Neo-traditional, butter fried homesteader volk, with extended vamps the g chord and beyond". - Turned Word. Includes a silkscreened, cardboard insert.

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