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VILLEMONTE, JOHN - People Like You

Sebastian Speaks

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"Incredibly haunting and lush private press gem from the mid-seventies. Wisconsin singer songwriter John Villemonte may be a native of the Midwest, but this rich album conjures up the same sort of hazy Southern California vibe as David Crosbys If I Could Only Remember My Name. There are some smooth stoned vibes here a la Bread, but with a slightly unsettled edge, especially on tracks like the gorgeous I Am the Moonlight, a song also featured on the Numero Group's stellar Lonesome Heroes compilation.- Sebastian Speaks.

"This record reminds me of what music made on a perfect evening on the edge of the Hawaiian rain forest, stoked on primo weed and some nice Pinot Noir, might sound like. All the women look like Peggy Lipton, all the men like Merrell Fankhauser." - Stan Denski, The Acid Archives.
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