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WALKER, PETER - Second Poem to Karmela or Gypsies Are Important

Light In The Attic

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Originally released in 1968 on Vanguard Records, Peter Walkers album Second Poem to Karmela or Gypsies Are Important was a ground breaking blend of folk, raga, psychedelia, and Eastern and modal sounds that has remained unsung for decades. While his debut album for Vanguard, Rainy Day Raga, has been reissued several times on LP and CD, this album (his sophomore effort), remains an obscure and hard to find vinyl relic. Until now. Carefully re-mastered from the original tapes, guitar scholar Glenn Jones recently interviewed Peter Walker for hours and has written a book-deep essay for the CD and LP liner notes that detail Walkers association with an incredible cross-section of 1960s counter-culture icons including LSD guru Timothy Leary (Walker personally provided the soundtrack to many a trip), he studied raga music with Ali Akbar Khan, and like his close friend Sandy Bull, Walker worked on a fusion of Western and Eastern sounds. Jim Pepper plays flute on Second Poem (he also recorded with The Fugs and Don Cherry), other accompaniment to Walker's guitar, sarod and sitar playing includes violin, organ, tablas, and tamboura. This is true acid folk as interesting, progressive, and memorable as fellow 1960s world travelers Robbie Basho, Davy Graham, and the Incredible String Band. Remastered from the original stereo tapes. Housed in a gatefold tip-on jacket with liner notes." - Light In The Attic.


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