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One Hand

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"One Hand is excited to release the second album from Weasel Walter & Chris Pitsiokos. Drawn and Quartered" expands on where they left off with 2012s fantastic "Unplanned Obsolescence." It reflects the time in between spent non-stop gigging together and in literally countless configurations with others. Pitsiokos is evolving quickly as a player with a wide range of powers. He has established himself as one of the top sax wielders on the NYC free music map and he's not even 25. Weasel needs no introduction. "Drawn and Quartered" was recorded over two days in Spring 2014. Its high energy splatter-- its spastic, occasionally blown out, but the playing consistently tiptoes the line between barely contained and going off the rails. At times the duo recall the playful side of, say, Peter Brotzmann/Shoji Hano's duo recordings, at others the unpredictable ride of an AACM project. The glorious sound of sax and drums. Artwork by Paola Hivelin. Edition of 150." - One Hand.
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