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Repressed. Long deleted in the elaborate box set version with its unique Tarot cards, here is the regular priced double CD version of this Krautrock all-time classic. Originally issued on the OHR subsidiary label Kosmiche in 1973. Wegmuller was a gypsy painter who had designed a 78 card Tarot set; the music, spread out over 2 CDs is performed by what is essentially the first version of the Cosmic Jokers: Manuel Gottsching, Hartmut Enke, Harald Grosskopf, Jurgen Dollase, Jerry Berkers & Walter Westrupp. Produced by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser & Gille, with guest appearance by Dieter Dirks and Rosi. The music is classic space-out Krautrock (ala early Ash Ra or C. Jokers), with 22 tracks dedicated in concept to the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot set. Tarot is a major German electronic music piece composed and directed by Walter Wegmüller and played by the Cosmic Jokers. In the past it was available in a limited boxset coming with the Tarot game designed by Walter Wegmüller. As it is sold out since over 3 years, it was time to re release it as a double CD with the original 16 pages leaflet." -Spalax

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