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Dungeon Taxis

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Pink Air walkers, Stella Corkery and Alan Holts beautifully titled and likewise assumed ternary form of glow jams cross Stellas cymbal loiter, shaker susurration, and fanned out wild flam drags with Alans zero zero to total dipper synthesizer fields. Tim Coster and Angeline Chirnsides Currer Bells side comes through a faraway hinkypunk peal, yielding to a warbled zephyr of healing chime sustain. Recorded in balmy crepuscular rays at Peaking Lights Good Style Shop in Madison in 2010 with distortion pedal, cassettes, walkmans, Just Chimes, mixers, delays, thumb piano, looper, Korg DS-10, freeze, harmonicas, guitar, wedding bells, Monotron, phaser. - Dungeon Taxis.

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