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WICKHAM-SMITH, SIMON - A Seventh Persimmon

Tape Drift

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Words are tough when it comes to describing music this astoundingly beautiful. A leading figure in the worldwide experimental music community since the early 90s, Simon Wickham-Smith adds to his sizable body of work with this masterpiece. Three tracks clocking in at almost 60 minutes, Simon s new work is the result of years spent honing his craft. His influences are drawn from sources far and wide, but the music that results is uniquely his own. Transcending genre altogether but most clearly informed by minimalism, this release is hypnotic, mysterious, and gorgeous. If you ve followed the arc of his career, you ll be pleased to see how mature and powerfully focused his musical vision has become. If you re new to his world, it s an excellent introduction. To say that it s an honor for us to be releasing his music would be a massive understatement. A true classic. - Tape Drift \r\n

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