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WILSON, GARY - Lisa Wants To Talk To You

Feeding Tube

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Vinyl actualization of a Gary Wilson album originally released on CD in 2008. The second of Feeding Tubes Wilson retrievals (following 2011s Forgotten Lovers, FTR 065LP), the label considers this the most solid of Garys post-revival albums. While it goes in a slightly different musical direction than the deranged porn-lounge inventions of You Think You Really Know Me (the classic 77 LP, heisted in toto by Beck during his Odelay phase), the naif-ache of the lyrics and the musics laid-back bowling-alley-funk-thrust reveal unending vistas of pure pleasure. Wilsons vision and performance approach are absolutely personal and shockingly naked. Like other true outsider artists (from the Shaggs to Daniel Johnston), its possible to sometimes wonder what the hell Gary is up to, but the raw sincerity of his yearning is never at doubt. As with all his best work, Lisa Wants to Talk to You is about women. How they walk, how they sound, how they smell, how they can break your goddamn heart. A fellow and/or a gal could learn a lot by dancing quietly alone in the dark to this record. Saved from the digital graveyard by your friends at Feeding Tube, its time to prepare yourself for another small miracle. So do it. Limited edition of 500, with a dazzling cover by Ted Lee. Includes mp3 download code. -Feeding Tube.

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