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WIRE, THE - #444 February 2021

The Wire

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"Mamer: Beijing's free rock/free music singer and instrumentalist tunes into some deep cosmic vibrations. The Primer: Carla Bley Daniel Spicer provides a user's guide to the recordings, collaborations, experiments and standards that make up the back catalogue of the great jazz composer and pianist. Invisible Jukebox: Mark Fell x Rian Treanor South Yorkshire's premier electronic music family unit enter The Wire's mystery listening pod. Global Ear: Lockdown and social distancing in countries around the world has sparked a renaissance in broadcasting from Brazil to Georgia, South America to South Europe. By Amanda Cavalcanti and Matthew Collin. Unlimited Editions: Jazz In Britain Brian Morton reveals how archive specialists Jazz In Britain are unlocking hot takes from the 1950s, 60s and beyond. Plus interviews with Rob Noyes, Altın Gün, Hiele and more." - The Wire.

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