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WIRED - Free Improvisation


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Gray area reissue of this rare album previously only available in the legendary 3LP set only Free Improvisation (together with New Phonic Art and Iskra 1903, on the Deutsche Grammophon label, issued in 1973); analog re-recording. LTD. edition 180 grams. Karl Heinz B_ɬ_ttner: electric guitar, Vox Organ Guitar, vocals, ocarinas, flexatone, zither, electric bass, guitar, framus;_Ç Mike Lewis: Hammond (and Leslie) organ, vocals, percussion;_Ç Michael Ranta: percussion, home-made plucked instrument, vocals;_Ç Conny Plank: diablous in musica, live electronics sound control and recording supervisor. Recorded 1970-3._Ç On the NWW list. - FE. From the liner notes: "Wired - its the eleventh hour for all of us, were looking for the way in an infinite space, our means of communication is non-verbal, the sounds lead us to one another: communications, tensions, confrontations, agreements- everything is lived out in the sound itself. There is no past and no future, only Now, and so breathless, we face up to each new sound...Who are we ? ...Who am I? After the recording I drive with Michael Ranta to the K_ɬ_ln-Wahn airport. That evening he is in Oska. Form A central sound elevates into the axis of the work, a central note B, that perpetually blends ino the musical occurrences, actually pervading the whole piece as a dominant, producing proportions, articulating, climaxes, and pauses. The tonic-like resolution after two hours twenty minutes leads to the total collapse of the piece."

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