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WOLF EYES - Always Wrong

Hospital Productions

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Always Wrong is a mantra of severity. Wolf Eyes has been scouring audiences across the globe with their acid drenched industrial noise and dub terror psychedelia, establishing themselves as the trailblazers of a genre and pioneers of the long-form noise tour. coming forth from the piles of tape loops and effects the bulk of tables reeling with electronics have been shed. This clarity never sacrifices intensity as paradoxically this is the most organic of the full lengths but also the harshest and most dissonant. Opening track -¢??Cellar-¢?¬ù immediately sets the pace of barraged edits and percussive electronics as startling vocals spit from the dry throat and remain unfiltered for the first time breathing a clear litany of scorn. a new voice is rising and it isnt happy. throughout the album non-electronic beats created from live drums replace programming while colliding tape loops and junk metal bring new unstable rhythm like a house with erroding foundation. -¢??Living Stone-¢?¬ù shows a more natural state of acoustic composition highlighting the despondent subtle plucking of controlled guitar improvisation that could come from natures ghost. forging ahead in -¢??We All Hate You-¢?¬ù loud tonal horns and architectuarly placed electronics. however their aesthetic core of pummeling hasnt been abandoned as the aggressive -¢??Broken Order-¢?¬ù takes hold with shrill feedback fueling industrial cannon blasts of white hot noise that burn the body from the neck down. an eerie harmonica driven death march straight out of once upon a time in the west" cries on the closing track droll/cut the dog Immediately it is clear that Wolf Eyes have crafted a statement with maturity that stands at the top of their mysterious discography. Always Wrong is a denial against conformity and the triumph of walking a path alone. Young, Olson, Connelly." -Hospital

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