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Holy Mountain

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How many music bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb? None, computer screens are backlit. Here we have a WOODEN SHJIPS record the world saw coming-not titled II, Sophomore, or Second, but Dos. The group maintains its strident pace like a silverfish rave in perfectly folded bedsheets, with more bounce per ounce as life goes jogging with bopping heads and digging heels. Five numbers whose style might fit as cozily at La Cave in 1968 as at Ibiza in 1988. Natural loops with just enough vocals take you where the khakis and the cut-offs play together. Dos sounds off as the inauguration speech of a group accepting the minimalist psych bop crown that once adorned the likes of Neu and Loop. If possible, their brand of whipping fuzz hooks have gotten groovier. Wooden Shjips debut album and various singles have established them as one of the best psych bands to inhabit this earthly realm. LP version to follow. -Holy Mountain

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