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WORLD - Opus 1

Lysergic Sound Distributors

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"Recently discovered 1972 Latin teen soul-funk-rock private press mega-rarity from rural New Mexico. Pressed in very small numbers, this previously unknown gem is a very accomplished mix of smooth gliding soul and up-tempo funk, complete with swirling Hammond organ and mellow harmonies to go with the fuzz and funk guitars. At the albums core, however, beats the heart of an adolescent small town garage rock combo. This six piece teen group, led by Rick Chavez and the smooth vocals of Ray Williams, features nine very catchy original tunes to go along with their very own funky version of the classic, Bo Diddley. The great music on this authorized reissue has all been restored and re-mastered and is now offered as a very limited vinyl pressing for the first time. We have also restored the original hand-drawn outsider psychedelic cover art. With less than a handful of original copies known to exist at this time, this is a great new find and an absolute must have for the collector of rare soul-funk-garage vinyl." - Lysergic Sound Distributors.

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