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YETI - #11


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"Inside the book youll find: an absolutely stunning 22-page comic by Victor Kerlow; an archival (1978) interview with Joe Brainard by Anne Waldman that is just so deliriously great I cannot tell you; many lovely pages of Polaroids taken in Ethiopia last year by genius filmmaker/ethnographer/musician Olivia Wyatt; New Zealander Roy Montgomery interviewed by Portlander Liz Harris AKA Grouper (who is such a great interviewer, wow); short fiction by R. Foggo and Kimberly Parko; new photography by Portlands Megan Holmes; a selection of rare posters from the Situationist-inspired uprisings in France in May 1968. Plus a lengthy look at Spencer from the Skaters and a really in-depth interview with drone master Phill Niblock and finally, Brian Chippendale talks to Ian Johnson about If N Oof and Lightning Bolt. \r\nOn the CD there are 12 tracks, all rare/unreleased from the heavy electro space boogie of White Rainbow to the crazed and cool song-cycle by Brooklyns Happy New Year, and a brilliant and creepy and long thing from Oneida, plus this Phill Niblock piece is ridiculously good. Other artists on the CD are Roy Montgomery, Gospel Creators, Snake Hole, Golden Retriever, Sloppy Heads, Atole, Johnita and Joyce Collins, plus finally this incredible recording of syncopated panpipes from the Dirashi tribe of Ethiopia by Olivia Wyatt." -Yeti

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