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YONKERS, MICHAEL - The Neverending Light-Beam From Planet 00s/From Deep Within Home Planet/Plan A


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"Recorded 2000-2007...All songs by Yonkers...All super heavy guitar/vocals...NOT A FOLK REISSUE!!! Original released by Yonkers on his label, this LP reissued by Mystra in 2015, Extensive Notes by Yonkers and Angela from Weirdo Records!"- Mystra.

Silkscreened and hand-painted covers. Limited edition one-time pressing. "Do you know the numbers on people who are in it for life? Theyre small. Real, real small. Kids & jobs come along to make regular adults out of most musicians. Even the ones who get that glossy magazine coverage or score that signing bonus can usually be found selling insurance 10 years down the line. A select few balance against family time. Fewer still find jobs teaching, and often have no energy left for their own stuff. Nobody, and I do mean nobody, just keeps going. Its too hard. Michael Yonkers makes the energizer bunny look bad. He started making his own distortion (by slicing speaker cones) in the mid-1960s, built his own pedals, souped up his own guitars, and hes still making distortion now that hes in his late 60s. Even more unusual, his sound has gotten, if anything, cruder along the way. This is a collection that Yonkers put together from CD-s that he gave out to friends once a year between 2001 & 2008. Whats here are hard rock songs, and theyre goddamn well-written. Most of what youll hear are huge, scratched up, convulsive whorls of distortion piled all on top of themselves until you can barely discern the pitch underneath. Wow...The guy also ran a record & ephemera shop named Loonland during the 80s. Hes been a sheep breeder & a dance choreographer. Hes built a home studio or two, at least one of which had to work while he was confined to a hospital bed that was installed in his house. Yonkers suffers from adhesive arachnoiditis, a nerve swelling that seizes up your back, brought on by a 1971 accident where 2000 lbs fell on him, and permanently exacerbated by a nasty dye used to get xrays of the spine.... His voice has aged a little, but Its still got a vibrato to it, mostly masked by the guitar here. But its better suited for these lyrics, as theyre a kind of burned & haunted you rarely hear." --excerpt from Angela Sawyers liner notes.
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