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YOUNG, DENNIS - Synthesis: Electronic Music 1984-1988

Bureau B

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LP version. Dennis Young is best known as the percussionist of the New York band Liquid Liquid, which is known for their piece Cavern" from 1983, which in turn became very well-known because Grandmaster Flash sampled it and used it as the basis for their hit "White Lines". But Young was more than just a member of the band, he produced plenty of his own music, much of it reflecting his passion for analog electronics. He was fascinated by the pioneers of the genre. In 2016 Bureau B released Wave (BB 219CD/LP), a collection of pieces Young had issued on cassettes between 1985-1988. Synthesis, by contrast, features tracks from 1984-1988 which have never been previously released. But lets allow Dennis Young to tell his story himself: "My love for electronic music goes back to the late 70s when I decided to buy my first synthesizer, a rare used vintage Davolisint made in Italy, after seeing Keith Emerson perform live with Emerson Lake Palmer. This led to my discovery of more electronic music artists using synthesizers such as Klaus Schulze, Tim Blake, Larry Fast, Edgar Froese, Brian Eno, and Cluster just to name a few. My musical challenge was then to create my own electronic music using this instrument. After experimenting in the early 80s with live recordings using a reel-to-reel tape machine I purchased my first multi-track recording system in 1984. When Liquid Liquid was on hiatus I was able to devote full time to this music and do professional recordings at my home studio in Edison, New Jersey. I added more synthesizers to include a Korg Mono/Poly, a Korg Poly Six, a Moog Rogue, and later the Korg M1. Every track was put through various delay and reverb units and I added vocal parts and along with guitar where I felt it was needed. Synthesis is the follow up to Wave released on Bureau B in 2016. At the time I used the above mentioned assortment of analog synthesizers to create the music you will hear on this recording. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together." - Bureau B.
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