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YOUNGS, RICHARD - No Retreat in Comfort

Ba Da Bing!

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These are the last remaining copies of the 300-run CD that RICHARD YOUNGS sold on his US 2013 tour, which saw him travel up and down the East Coast, most memorably playing the support slot at the Hopscotch Festival in Raleigh, NC, opening for John Cale. In his own words: No Retreat in Comfort was made on a week-long recording bender when I found myself home alone. I remember the weather was dreadful, and I rarely ventured outside. I borrowed a Moog Source, and the album started off as an hour and a half of synth jams. I then fitted the songs to my favourite jams. Having done the recording, it lay dormant for over a year when I remixed it for the tour-only CD. Influences? I dont think it sounds anything like it, but I have a memory of having heard the bonus disc of the McCartney II re-release at about this time and rather enjoying it. I also recall having a Gaelic Proverb book out of the library." -Ba Da Bing.

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