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YOUNGS, RICHARD - Unicorns Everywhere

Sonic Oyster

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Please note: all of our copies arrived with a slightly dog-eared/bent corner or two per jacket, hence the discounted price. 

“Released in time for the UK General Election: Sonic Oyster is delighted to announce Richard Youngs statement of intent: Unicorns Everywhere. “The political climate is both frustrating and exciting. Unicorns Everywhere is a protest album that grapples with this dichotomy. Chance procedures as much as traditional song craft were used as a way through the confusion. Keywords: referendum, Faslane, Trident, foreign policy (war), social justice, NHS, accountability, representation, the 1%." - Richard Youngs. ”This is a provocative and diverse analysis of austerity.” - Sonic Oyster. Limited 250 copies. 
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