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YXIMALLOO - Fangs Of Lucifer

Old Gold

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"A surprising and well deserved reissue of 1981-86 era tracks by Naofumi Ishimarus project of 20 + years. Imagine a cross between prime Half Jap (Jad Fair even supplied the cover art to some of his tapes from the early 80s) with the some of the more electronic LAFMS projects and youll get the gist. Beautifully packaged as well.\r\n"Naofumi Iziwaru was another one of the first to respond to Old Golds formative request for musical submissions. With dozens of releases under the name Yximalloo dating back to the 1970s, Nao had put a transdimensional dent in the cassette underground and his collaborations with Jad Fair raised more than a few wooly eyebrows. He sent us numerous tapes and they put us on the floor in a puddle of our own souls crying out for more, rethinking our own music making, and asking to please - please! - let us re-release his music. This resulted in five tapes of our own hand-picked smorgasbord, resequenced at his request. When he began making CDs, we tackled the daunting challenge of compiling about 40 minutes worth of his best music from digital and analog to marry on clear vinyl. It took several years, a lot of late nights, and handfuls of reverse/fast forward, but in the end, we were happy, Nao was happy, and now you can be happy, too dammit. Electronic clank, off kilter funk, galactic babble, pre-historic riddims, utterly melodic snatches of techno wizardry are here set forth. Most were sold in Europe; grab what few are left from Fusetron. Comes in clear bag with clear inserts with track listing, musician credits (no small feat that!), and instructions for a performance piece called Fangs of Lucifer which we dare you to try, but not unsupervised." - Old Gold. "Its dada and Romper Room, punk and situationist, naive art and sophistry. Eccentricity is just the beginning." - Thomas Peake.

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