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Z.O. VOIDER - Tranz Portal-Emissions

Mistake By the Lake

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"Edition of 200 hand stamped one sided records. "It all started, like most good things, in the late 70s. Peter Z.O. formed the American Industrial outfit Z.O. VOIDER just along the same time Robert Turman was leaving the group he co-founded with Boyd Rice, NON. It wasnt until around 1983 when the two collided, with Turman joining Z.O. Voider. A couple of recordings and a few shows later and the group went on hiatus. Fast forward 30 some odd years. A trip out west for Turman resulted in the first live show Z.O. Voider had done in 25 years. This is the recording of that fateful and historic night. 23 minutes of classic industrial by 2 innovators, masters and founders (in America) of the genre. Atmospheric, noisy, it wouldnt be out of place in the best of Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire but also stands completely on its own. What sounds like a piece the duo rehearsed for years and was just releasing live, is actually an improve jam. Im still trying to wrap my head around that. A timeless recording, and were beyond honored to share it with you now!!" - Mistake By the Lake.
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