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"CD reissue with bonus track, mastered to suit the CD format! The original member of Hijokaidan, Naoki Zushi, one of the most prominent underground guitarists in Japan and currently active in Nagisa Ni Te, will reissue a CD of a trio of live performances at the 2006 Gyuune Autumn Festival.

It features performances demonstrating the quintessence of Japan's psychedelic underground, represented by “les rallizes denudes” and “Fushitsusha.” A heavy psychedelic version of “May a flower bloom” is remarkable; it makes you feel intense passion, completely different from the delicately blooming beautiful version that decorates the end of the 4th album. It is a masterpiece that Zushi himself said, “It might be the best live performance of this song.”
The lyrics, which seem to ask the universal question since the birth of human beings of where human beings came from and where they will go, are also wonderful, and you should listen to each word." - Advaita.

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